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Many of us have driven a Go-kart and have thrilled to the sensation of speed that is derived from sitting so close to the ground, and most of us have been frustrated when the kart in front won’t move over and we haven’t quite got enough extra power to overtake. With Stoxkarts that situation no longer exists, if the kart in front won’t move over........ it’s time to use the bumper!

Brisca F1 Stock Cars are the ultimate formula in short-oval contact racing, but at an ultimate price.  Even the less glamorous contact formulas are pricing themselves out of the market, and that is where Stoxkarts come into their own. Currently priced at £4800* a brand new Stoxkart costs less to buy than any other recognised formula, and the running costs and repair bills are minimal.

In what other formula can you expect a set of rear tyres to last from one season to the next, to say nothing of the costs in getting to and from meetings. Just load your Stoxkart onto a small car trailer or even pop it into the back of a Transit sized van and off you go.


Major damage is rare, but in the event that you damage something at the track then replacements are readily available from the Stoxkarts ‘Race Support Vehicle’, and as you would expect with this budget formula, easily affordable! For those with no mechanical knowledge we have a dedicated repair and return service. There is even a reasonably priced engine replacement service too! Budget racing yes, but also very professional in their approach, Stoxkarts are the only formula in the UK where all drivers carry their medical history with them in a waterproof arm band, Stoxkarts were also the first Contact formula in the UK to run Raceceivers, a one way radio system where the race manager can be in contact with all the drivers.

Opportunities to race a Stoxkart are almost limitless. All meetings under the Stoxkart Limited banner are held at ORCi licensed stadiums and tracks, and the prospective driver can choose to either buy his/her own Stoxkart or hire a Stoxkart.

With most motor racing formulas success can be measured by the amount of money that a competitor is willing to spend, but not in Stoxkarts.

Competitors cannot buy success as all the karts are built to the same standard, fitted with identical Dyno tested and sealed engines and ballasted to the same minimum weight with the driver in situ. Everything then comes down to the ability of the driver and of course a liitle luck. To be able to race a Stoxkart, competitors must be aged between 11 & 15 (Juniors) and 16 & 70 (Senior League) and hold either a current driving licence or be able to prove that they have sufficient driving ability to be able to participate in a motor racing event.

For those with no mechanical knowledge there is always help on hand at the tracks as all the drivers help each other between races and there are also drivers who will look after your Kart and transport it and maintain it for you from meeting to meeting.

It doesn’t get much fairer and more equal than this....

  • Comprehensive rule book
  • Honda standard factory GX390 13hp dyno tested & sealed engines
  • Karts ballasted to minimum weight requirements
  • Controlled tyre rule on both surfaces
  • Controlled gear ratio - 1 gear for ALL circuits
  • Controlled and standard running gear across ALL competitors
  • Tagged Parts to avoid cheating

Can you afford NOT to get involved!?

If you wish to join the formula you must request a copy of the 2024 Stoxkarts Rules and Regulations which you must read before you complete a Licence Application.

Stoxkarts Ltd. Mission Statement

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