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Stoxkarts - Short Oval Racing | Hire a Stoxkart

Hire a Stoxkart

Although Stoxkarts are cheap to buy compared with most other `contact’ formulas, it is not the sort of purchase to rush into unless you are sure that Stoxkarting is something that you will enjoy doing. For this reason we run a fleet of hire karts that can be hired on a `one off’ or multiple meeting basis. 

Nearly 90% of our drivers hired before they bought. All the hire karts are identical to other karts out there and with the right driver they often win races, not just from the front either!

For many Hireing a Stoxkart is the first step on the oval racing ladder. Drivers that made their oval racing debut have gone on to race in BriSCA F1s, V8s and other contact racing formulas.

Currently we have 3 Stoxkarts for hire at each meeting on a first come first served basis. An initial £60 deposit (non-refundable) is required for each booking and bookings can be made in advance for any number of meetings. In addition we have a dedicated Junior Kart available too with an adjustable seat and flip over pedals.


(Full License Must Be Obtained)

 JUNIORS 11 to 16  SENIOR HIRES 16 to 60

For a `one off’ hire the driver will need to be in possession of a Stoxkart Day Licence. To take part in two or more race meetings a driver will be required to obtain a Stoxkart Annual Licence. Don’t worry if you are hiring as a surprise gift for someone else. We can keep a secret if you can, and we’ll take care of the licensing arrangements on the day.  Full terms and conditions of the hire will be supplied when a booking is made. 

The above hire fee is fully inclusive of the hire of full racing attire; Helmet, neck brace, fireproof overalls, balaclava and fireproof gloves. We also supply a Raceiver 1 way radio system which must be worn at all times during the race meeting so that you can receive instructions from the Race Director. This also includes a brand new set of earphones that you get to keep and take away with you for hygiene purposes.

To Make life simpler on the day if you go to the drivers page on the website, then downloadable forms you can fill out the relevent Day licence and flag forms and bring them with you on the day or post them to us as long as it is 7 days before you plan to race.

Due to the high demand throughout the 2017 racing season and a hiring waiting list at a number of the more favoured venues, the maximum hires that any one hirer can book throughout the forthcoming 2018 racing season is Three (3). We hope that this gets more ‘bums on seats’ and gives more people the opportunity to come and experience first hand the great fun and enjoyment this fantastic budget formula has to offer.

The upper age limit of 60 does not apply to someone who already holds a racing racing licence.

Please feel free to contact our dedicated ‘Hire’ team on:


= Hire Kart has been booked

Sunday 7th - Mildenhall - GTQR #1      
Saturday 20th - Birmingham GTQR #2      

Monday 6th - Buxton
Saturday 18th - Stoke GTQR #3      
Sunday 19th - Hednesford - GTQR #4      
Saturday 1st - Cowdenbeath GTQR #5      
Sunday 2nd - Cowdenbeath SCOTTISH      
Saturday 15th - Stoke  GTQR #6
Sunday 16th - Stoke      

Sunday 30th - AldershotGTQR #7 J. British

Saturday 13th - Buxton - GTQR #8
Sunday 14th - Buxton -       
Saturday 20th - Mildenhall  S. British      
Tuesday 23rd - Skegness - GTQR #9      

Saturday 3rd - Stoke - 

Sunday 4th - Stoke -       
Saturday 17th - Stoke - GTQR #10      

Sunday 18th Northampton - GTQR #11

Thursday 22nd - Skegness      
Sunday 25th - Skegness      

Monday 26th - Skegness

Saturday 7th - Birmingham - JUNIORS ONLY      
Sunday 8th - Buxton - SNR GOLD SNR ONLY    
Saturday 21st - Stoke -  JNR GOLD GPR#1
Sunday 22nd - Stoke - NZ TEAMS GPR #2      
Sunday 6th - Birmingham - GPR #3
Saturday 19th - Buxton- GPR #4
Sunday 20th - Buxton- GPR #5      
Saturday 2rd - Birmingham - GPR #6


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