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For Sale

We are happy to advertise your Stoxkart, trailer, race van/camper or any other associated race spares on our website at any time. There is no minimum or maximum length of time for your advert, all we ask is that you inform us when the item does sell so that we can delete it and make space for someone elses items. Please send a brief description along with upto 3 landscape JPEG images to racing@stoxkarts.co.uk. For this service we charge a nominal fee of £10 - payable in cash at the track or send a cheque in the post made payable to Stoxkarts Limited.

Please ensure you contact us at Stoxkarts Ltd if you are thinking of buying any kart and joining the formula, as any kart with an outstanding debt or bill will not race until the debt or bill has been cleared. If you purchase a kart, you could also be buying the debt with that kart and held responsible for clearing it before the kart is allowed to race with us.

Karts For Sale 08-08-2017

33 & 34 Karts For Sale After the Skeggy Trebble..
The Karts of Juniors 33 & 34 due to Speedway Comitments both Karts are for sale. Both are H2O Chassis, no expense spared, whatever they need they get! 33 has just had an Engine freshen up by TD Motorsport. Both very competative karts. Deposit secures either one.. Contact Phill Woodhull on Facebook or HQ for contact number

For Sale 162 Kart. This kart has held me at blue and is capable to be red grade. H2O stoxkart chassis , has been raced for 3 seasons and has had a recent engine rebuild by TD Motorsport. dyno tested and sealed. Already has the new 2018 spec pedals . Graphite grey powder coated pannels all graphics are vinyl so easy to remove leaving a blank canvas. Comes complete with transponder and raceciever and some additional spares. A jig built by Prest Engineering also availible- £300 . We also have a richardson rice twin axle box trailer that the kart and spares all fit in to go with the car- £1350 or a lightweight homemade flat trailer that the kart fits on perfectly for a minimal cost of £150 First to see will buy .. no messers or timewasters please.. for more details contact James or Kevin Kettlewell on Facebook £3600 ono for the kart. Contact details from HQ

For Sale ex66 - 295 Kart. Stratos Chassis NFR Cage Fully up to 2017 spec and has been used a couple of times this season by various drivers. Ready to go on the button £2750. Contact Alan Cooper or HQ for details

After Gold tops Karts of 24 and 324. Also van after sale of karts .
24 Stoxkart (Gold top & Young guns championship winning kart) Running TD Motorsport Engine 
324 Stoxkart ( British championship winning kart) Running TD Motorsport Engine 
VW Crafter van with living (toilet, shower, kitchen, fridge, sleeps 4, 2 tv's, heating and A/C ,awning and garage to fit Stoxkart .
Stoxkart box trailer.
Complete spares package to sell (if you need it we'll probably have it) Plenty of wheels , tyres, wings, seats, engines etc .
All enquiries for the above welcome , message or contact James Thackra 0786652439447

47 KART FOR SALE (After the Gold Top)
ARD roll cage with brand new h20 chassis before the start of last season. Full engine rebuild at the start of last season and freshened up before the start of this season. Old style engine with brand new lightweight piston, engine is spot on and very competitive. Kart has kept me at red grade all of last season and just missed out on super star. Got me to superstar in the juniors the year before and 3rd in the junior gold top. 
The kart was fully powdercoated at the start of this season and really does look stunning. Brand new 13" lightweight steering wheel last year, will come with a brand new set of tyres for use on shale/wet. 
Kart is ready to race and will come complete with raceiver and transponder, kart to sell at £3200 
For any further information please contact me on 07538427150 or contact Ian at HQ

905/31 Kart H2O built . Just completed it's 2nd season as a hire kart, so no heavy abuse. Brand new Kirkey intermediate seat fitted at start of this season. Brand new clutch. Flip down pedals, so ideal for senior/junior combo. Quick release one piece bonnet. Height adjustable steering. Will come fitted with 4 good and straight wheels & tyres. Quick release steering wheel. Engine freshened up at start of season. Just been jigged, so all straight, ready to go. £2,800. Contact Paul Higgins

FOR SALE #27 Chris Butcher kart chassis stoxkart with H20 plug in mounts. RPM sealed engine with twin shoe surco clutch. NFR seat, TRS 5 point harness, odyssey motorsport battery, new flip top pedals for kart sharing, as new straight panels all on quick release fasteners (strips in seconds). I won 8 major titles in this kart & kept me at superstar/silver for 6 straight years. Will come with different wings to ones in picture. £2400, any questions please Contact Chris Butcher.

2 x Stoxkarts for sale
39 Stoxkart came third in junior points last time they raced,17" butler seat with race quip belts chassis powder coated.Will come with spare rear axle and a couple of wheels and tyres and what ever I can find. Need side plates to bring up to spec will come with race transponder and charger £2800 Any questions feel free to contact me on FB or 07754 844122
93 Stoxkart has been raced in the juniors.Chassis has been re-jigged with new plug in mounts and rear axle mount and new stub axles and hubs.Can come with either 13" ultra shield seat or 17" NFR seat.Race quip belts fitted.Needs side plates to bring up to spec. will come with spare rear axle and a couple of tyres also included will be race transponder and charger any questions feel free to contact Newman £2600

New Kart Policy

In order to control the growth of the formula and maintain the value of the second hand karts we carefully monitor the number of new karts we build. 5 new 2015 spec karts are in production with 4 of them already sold. We do not plan to build any more new karts until the end of  2015 unless the second hand market has none available.

A new kart comes complete with all new parts with the exception of the engine. The engine will be a fully re-furbished Honda GX390 which will have been dyno tested and sealed.

New karts come complete and ready to race minus transponder. The price includes powder coated chassis and panels in your choice of 2 colours.

£3900 - minus seat, belts and unpainted with guaranteed dyno tested and sealed re-furb engine.

£4250 - minus seat, belts and unpainted. Fitted with new engine.

£4300 - complete with TD Motorsport  built fully refurbished guaranteed dyno tested and sealed engine.

£4600 - complete with brand new engine dyno tested and sealed.

£4750 - Complete with TD Motorsport Brand New Engine

Some FAQ's

Kart Prices..

Stratos Chassis Old shape cage  £2200 - £2600

Stratos Chassis NFR cage  £2300 - £2700

 H2O flat old type/NFR cage £2700 - £3000

ARD Chassis £2800- £3200

H2O/Renegade  £2900 - £3400

What are the different Karts?

There are basically 5 different types of karts with chassis.  1 Box section with old style cage. 2 Stratos Chassis Old Type Cage. 3. H2O Flat Chassis with Old type cage.  4 Ard Chassis and Cage. 5 H2O/Renegade Chassis and Cage.

Which are best?

Everyone has their own opinion. It can not be proven any one better than the other. Looking at the current points. Leader is a H2O chassis NFR cage 2nd is H2O, 3rd Stratos /old shape  4th is  H2O 5th Stratos/NFR  6th Stratos old type  so they all have their plus points. However the ARD and H2O karts do have more room inside..

What are the differences in engines?

There are 2 types of engines. They are classed as Old Type and New type. Again there are very subtle differences. Because they are all dyno tested and sealed they are all very close but the new type has a little more torque low down and the Old type tend to have a little more higher up.  Again looking at the points table,  Leader old type, 2nd new type, 3rd Old type, 4th new type,  5th New  6th New.

Why is there a difference in prices?

A lot of it comes down to the extras included in the karts for sale. Quick release steering, aftermarket steering wheel, Steering Quickener, type of roof wing, type of battery, type of seat etc.  Non of the items are performance related just personal choice. Also if the engine has been recently Dyno tested, who built the engine. Has the chassis been jigged etc. It also comes down to how well the kart has been looked after and maintained.

What extras are included? Raceciever? £100 to buy, Transponder £150 second hand.. Is it brush painted or stickered?  These are things you also need to consider.


If you want any further information please contact HQ where we give you as much advice as possible.

Any driver can ask what they want for a Kart and these are just a basic guide price.

There are a number of optional extras that can be added to your kart. None of them are performance related, such as Kirkey seats, stainless rear axle, larger steering wheels etc.

* Due to the nature and process of powder coating, basic non-metallic colours only apply.


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