Questions & Answers....


Q.  How old do you need to be to race?
A.   We run two age groups, 11-16 year olds (Juniors) and 16-60 year olds (Seniors). Existing licence holders can race past 60 but         no new licences are issued after 60.

Q.   Do Juniors and Seniors race in the same races?
A.   No. They race at the same meetings but not in the same races.

Q.   What is the difference between a Junior and Senior Kart?
A.   There is no difference, you share the same Kart. Juniors tend to run pedal extensions to help them reach the pedals if                   required and some fit a seperate seat. Seniors have a higher weight limit.

Q.   Do we have to pay to race?
A.   Yes. It is £35 per meeting for a senior and £35 for a Junior.  A junior and senior sharing the same kart pay £60


Q.   How many races do we get?
A.   We always try to get you a minimum of 3 races at some tracks we get more but this is something that is quite often out of             our hands.


Q.   Do I need lots of spares?
A.   No. We ask that you carry at least one spare front and rear wheel and tyre, most of the spares you would need we carry              and are available to purchase from the Stoxkarts Transporter at the race meeting on a first come first served basis.


Q.  Do I have to buy all my spares from you?
A.   No. You can make your own or buy any ‘off the shelf’ parts from wherever you wish. Some bespoke parts are specifically             made for Stoxkarts and these must be purchased directly from Stoxkarts Limited They are all listed in the rule book,  


Q.   Can I build my own Kart?
A.   No. The chassis and cage must be purchased from Stoxkarts Ltd. However, you can then source all your own parts that you         need to assemble your own kart. Note: The same applies with regards to the bespoke parts as mentioned in the point                 above.


Q.   Is there any prize money?
A.   Prize money is not an integral part of the Stoxkarts formula, although occasional meetings do carry some form of prize such         as wheels or tyres, some of the Main Championships do carry prize money.


Q.   Is Stoxkarts a serious racing formula, or is it just a bit of fun?
A.   The simple answer is.... it is what you make it. We are a serious and credible formula that has been the ‘buzz’ fomula around         the ovals. With 7 fully sponsored Championship Titles to race for the on-track racing will be serious for the majority,                      however we do have a handful of drivers that only race 6-10 times a year purely for the fun factor and the inexpensive                  joy and fulfillment the formula offers them whilst racing alongside and competing with the more competitive Stoxkarts                  drivers. 


Q.   What set up can I do on my Kart?
A.   The only thing you can adjust on your Kart is the tyre pressures and toe in and toe out on the front tracking.


Q.   How long does a set of tyres last?
A.   Some drivers have been running the same rear tyres for 9 years!  You will probably need 2 front tyres during a season if               you did every meeting but the rears will last for years.

Q.   Do I need a Shale and Tarmac Kart?
A.   No. Due to the nature of the rules all karts should handle very similar and therefore there is no need for a surface specific            Kart. Due to the ethos of the Stoxkarts formula, you must run the same Kart on both shale and tarmac for the entire racing            season.

Q.  Are drivers graded?
A.   Yes. We run a season long points championship in both the juniors and seniors. There are several grading periods in the             season,


Q.   What can I do to my engine?
A.   You can change the oil, set the tappets, change the plug gap, clean out the carburettor and change the airfilter. You can               also replace the valve spring but this must be replaced with a standard Honda spring or Stoxkarts supplied ones.


Q.   If my engine goes wrong can I repair it?
A.   Yes. You can do it yourself but the engine must then be Dyno tested and sealed before it can be used. We do have an                 approved engine builder if you want Stoxkarts to have your engine repaired.


Q.   Are All Karts the same?
A.   There are 3 types of Karts, all have the same geometry and measurements and all perform pretty much the same. The                   majority of pre-2010 Karts are based on a Stratos Kart donor chassis and have straight rollcages with the front peddle area           of the Kart open.  All the 2010 Karts were also built on a Stratos donor chassis’s but have more of a bull nose shape to         them so that the pedal area can be fully enclosed, they have bowed sides and the top of the cage tilts in. The new ARD/H2O chassis is a bespoke and custom designed tubular chassis which is very similar to the 2010 karts but with a higher front to the cage, giving a better eyeline/drivers view.  All Karts - subject to servicing and maintainance - will perform the same.


Q.  Can I use fuel additives?
A.   No


Q.  Can I use tyre softener?
A.   No. Softening and cutting/buffing of tyres is not permitted. Duro readings are taken randomly during the year.


Q.  Can I try before I buy?
A.   Yes. We actively encourage you to try before you buy as we know from that once you’ve had a go you’ll be hooked! We               have hire Karts available at every meeting at a cost of £200 per meeting, full inclusive of race entry fee, damage, overalls,           helmet, neck brace and gloves, raceciever and earpieces.


Q.   Do I need a Licence?
A.   Yes. You need a Stoxkarts Licence. Hire Drivers are issued with a Day licence as part of the Hire Fee.


Q.   Is there a rule book?
A.   Yes. You need to read the rule book before joining, you can download it from the Downloads page on here.


Q.   Do I have to race at every meeting?
A.   No. Obviously we would love for you to race at every meeting, but you are more than welcome to pick and choose the                 meetings you wish to race at as we respect that everybody has different budget restraints and other commitments. You               must however book in at least 7 days before the meeting you intend to race at.


Q.   Do I get any free pit/entry passes?
A.    Junior drivers get 1 adult, Seniors is driver only entry at all meetings.


Q.   Are the Karts safe?
A.   Yes. Although any motorsport can be dangerous, Stoxkarts are built to a high standard and conform with the strictest of               ORCi safety guidelines and regulations. They are built with driver safety in mind and have full racing seats, harnesses, head         restraints and we only allow the use of the latest spec helmets along with fully fireproof racing overalls, balaclava and                   gloves with the additional use of neck braces mandatory. We are also use the Raceciever one way radio system where the         race director is in contact with drivers at all times.

Q.   Do they have gears?
A.   No. The Karts are ‘press and go’ as there is an automatic centrifugal clutch and no reverse gear.


Q.   Do the Karts need a lot of work to keep them going?
A.   No is the answer, although a few hours a week greasing and checking them over always pays dividends.


Q.   Do you get a lot of damage?
A.   Obviously in a contact formula you can always get damage. Stoxkarts are very robust and the most common damage is                 bending a plug-in/front hub which are very easy to replace and very in-expensive. Most drivers spent less than £300 for               the whole of the 2019 season on damage.


Q.  Do you need to be a mechanic or have a workshop and welder to mend the Karts?
A.   No is the simple answer, the basic maintainence is very simple and can be carried out in the shed or even on the trailer.               The newer Karts even have bolt on and off nerf rail bars which can easily be replaced at the track or at home. However, if           you do get damage that is beyond your capabilities to repair, Stoxkarts Ltd. can always take your Kart back to their                       workshops and repair it for you at a very competitive rate. Many of our drivers have no mechanical experience, we have               Bank Managers, Company Directors, Postmen, Paramedics and Accountants, so we are a very mixed and varied bunch.


Q.   Do I need to have had racing experience?
A.   No, we have drivers who have never set foot in any type of race car. Anybody and everyone is welcome.