The majority of drivers racing stoxkarts decided to hire first. Here are a few comments we have recieved from various hire drivers over the years.  We pride ourselves on offering competative karts and everything you need to make it a day to remember.
 Many drivers have won races using hire karts which just goes to show how competative they are.
Many of the top drivers started by using a hire kart and loved it that much they ended up buying their own.

I hired a stoxkart at buxton and really would recommend it to anyone, the karts are set up brilliantly and are more than on the pace, all the guys help get you ready and then off you go out on to the oval, the feeling is indescribable and if you have any interest in motorsport at all this is the absolute adrenaline buzz for you.

Mark Finney.

I just wanted to send an email of thanks following my meeting in the 903 hire kart on sunday at NIR.
Even though it started out extremely wet and I decided to drive through the huge puddle on 1 and 2 on the rolling lap of the first race and soak myself, it was an awesome experience. I was aware that I was a long way off the pace of the other drivers throughout the meeting and tried to stay out of the way to avoid spoiling anybody's race. Even still it was an incredible thrill as I drove wheel to wheel with the other karts, despite being a lap down! I think the racecievers are brilliant and for a novice were extremely valuable in keeping me out of trouble. By the end of the final I was hanging on to the back of a few red tops and even managed to go up the inside of one of them if only for about two seconds! I literally grew more confident with every lap. I've seen Mylaps and I was the last placed finisher in every race, but I finished them all! It also looks like I set the 10th fastest lap of the day!

Stoxkarts gave me the opportunity to get on the other side of the fence for an affordable price. I'm hoping to hire again from you next year, I've just bought my first house, if I hadn't I would seriously be considering buying a kart. Please pass on my thanks to Paul Heath, Ian Higgins and Andrew Duddy. I appreciate Andrew taking the time to get me strapped in etc when he was racing himself.

Many Thanks for a superb experience,
Peter Savage


I've hired out a few times now and I absolutely LOVE the karts. Fast, fun and I now know why they're the fastest growing oval sport formula. That's why I'm hiring out again this year! Great bunch of people.

Amy Duckett


! Was nervous in doing it at first as never done any racing before but after the 1st meeting I was thirsty for more ! Hired on a few occasions after that and loved every minute of it, would highly recommend just wish people would stop posting there's karts for sale because it is very very tempting !!

Josh Rodgers


I first hired at the end of season 2011 and from the minute I hit the track, I loved it! I still wasnt in any stage to buy a kart in 2012 so hired several times during this season and every meeting I raced pushed me further and further into buying my own. We were very worried at first as we have no mechanical knowledge but we have learnt so much in such short time and with stoxkarts keeping everything so level and simple as possible its very easy to maintain. We now own 2 karts in our family, for myself and brother and still enjoy every minute of it.

Jack Morgan now #249


I hired at Buxton a few years ago. It was a really good experience and I liked it so much I eventually brought one.

Kevin Atkins  #443


As soon as I'd seen these on track, I had to have a go......couldn't get a booking quick enough, so took the gamble and bought one. First time out was heat 1, Birmingham Wheels August 2011.......

Wayne Owen  #117


We did the hire day at Buxton for my grandson (12) and can't recommend it enough.....just turn up and all is done for you....5 star organisation...fantastic day...BUT now one grandson constantly asking when I am buying him warned!!!

Richard Monkhouse

As soon as I found out through chance that Ian and Paul were running stoxkarts in 2010.i got in touch and hired a kart. I hired for nearly a full season before eventually buying the kart. Finish 3rd in the gold top race and the points. Kart was Always well maintained and ready to race.

Mark Tubey #43 Ex Rebels World Champion and Stoxkarts Gold and Points Champion


Hi all my name is Neil long and used to race f1 in the early nineties , I've known Ian and the Higgins family a number of years and when he took over the the stoxkarts I expressed in interest in having ago , after a number of years the opportunity came along and I grabbed it . It was last year at Skegness stoxkart weekend away there and I was planned to race on the Sunday Ian said come along on the Saturday meet the other drivers and have a few beers so me and the girlfriend Sharon went along got there mid afternoon and mingled made to feel very welcome by all . Sunday came along race day turned up at the track got kitted out then shown my kart , all the drivers helped me with advice How to drive them . First race started at the back fell asleep at the start but got going and finished midfield I think , come off the track with a huge smile , race 2 started in the yellows after a bit of banter with Ian , had a good start but unfortunately collected another kart which had spun rolled him and ripped my front wheel off and bent the back axle , after making sure the other driver was okay we had a good laugh about it . Back in the pits everybody rallied around to repair kart with a expense of    £25 , back out in the last race starting in the yellows again cracking start even lead the race , race got stopped due to a incident unfortunately got passed by a number of drivers on the yellows but all okay as I'm only out there for fun as they are out there chasing points , race restarted good race and finished midfield again I think . Back in the pits all okay and loved the experience and expressed interest in doing again and even funds permitting investing in one . I would recommend anyone who's interested in having ago , go and do it one of my friends after talking to him had ago on a test day and booked in this year for a meeting so go and have ago .

Neil Long ex BriscaF1 #79