The Junior Stoxkarts are now a well established formula within Oval racing. From humble beginnings in 2010 with just 2 Juniors racing we often see grids of 25 Karts on track.

Although the Junior formula is for children 11 to 16 it is still very much a contact formula although more nudge and spin rather than full blown contact. The use of the bumper to pass an opponent is allowed. The junior karts are exactly the same as those raced by the seniors. This is one of the unique things about Stoxkarts, The fact the kart can be shared  with a senior so you can have one member of the family racing in the seniors and the other in the Juniors. The karts are identical, the only difference is the Junior kart minimum weight limit is slightly less than the seniors.

Another advantage is that once you own a kart when you reach 16 you do not need to sell it to move onto the seniors you only need to paint the aerofoil in your graded colour. This in effect means you could buy a kart for an 11 year old and they could still be racing it at 21. Yet another advantage of this formula over other Junior formulas is that if you do wish to sell the kart you are not just restricted to selling it to another Junior as there is a whole other market for it in the seniors.

With Children now starting racing as young as 6 years old in some formulas, Junior Stoxkarts is an ideal follow on for those that want to race contact racing. Compared with other Junior Contact formulas it is very cheap. A set of tyres can last 3 years! Although it is contact racing, in the juniors is very much just nudging and it is not often the Juniors get damage.

For those Children that have never raced anything before it is also ideal as all the drivers receive communication from race control via an earpiece which is used to warn new drivers of on track hazards or if the quicker karts are coming up to lap them.

At Stoxkarts we are very proud of the Juniors and the way they develop into Young adults. We try to instill into them a disciplined driving style and teach them respect for fellow competitors and officials.

No matter if the Child plans to move onto other formulas when they hit 16 we feel that the skill they learn in The Junior Stoxkarts will help them be a better driver in which ever formula they progress onto.

The Juniors is a pay to race formula at £35 per meeting however they do get one parent in Free of charge. As we feel the formula is more about learning and developing track craft we do not run lots of Championships. We run a Gold Top race which has to be qualified for and also a National points Championship the same as the seniors. The only other awards are individual track championships.

There is a great social side for the Juniors too, you often see them all in the pits having fun together or at overnighters playing football or all in each others transporters and tents, quite a few even spend days at other drivers houses during the holidays. This is all part of being a part of the Stoxkarts Family.