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Young Gun's Championship 2014

Young Gun Championship

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Often Juniors racers come from backgrounds where there is already a history of racing in the family, and this is particularly true of Short Oval Racing. There are often two, and even three generations of the same family racing in one oval formula or another, but in no other recognised stadium formula has it been possible for Juniors and Seniors to race the same car at the same meeting. That is, not until now.

One of the more unique aspects of Stoxkarts is that it provides the opportunity for both Juniors and Seniors to race the same kart at the same meeting. In fact, it is the only stadium oval racing formula that allows this to happen. A Senior, either Mum, Dad or an older brother or sister, can race the Kart during the main meeting, whilst the Junior can race the same Kart at the same meeting, but in that part of the meeting that is reserved specially for them. The two drivers don’t even have to be related. The only criteria is that one must be a Junior, and the other a Senior.

All that is required, other than registering with both Stoxkarts Limited and the ORCi, is for all Juniors to take part in a short practical driving test prior to racing at their first meeting, and satisfying the tester that they have a good awareness of the rules and safety procedures. Being comfortable and safe in the Kart isn’t a problem either. That is easily taken care of by simply flipping over a couple of fitted pedal extensions and adjusting the racing harness. As Juniors are not graded by roof colours they can even run with the same roof wing as the Senior driver, again keeping costs to the bare minimum.

During the 2010 racing season the Juniors took part in just six test meetings. As a result of the success of these six test dates the Juniors were given the opportunity to take part in a season-long trial and were offered sixteen dates for 2011. there were 18 meetings for the Juniors in 2012 and there will be a similar number in 2013. The widely accepted format for the Juniors is that they race their heats prior to the meeting proper, with their Final or Feature Race being Race 1 of the scheduled meeting that follows. Meetings are not limited to just one surface, and there is the opportunity to race on both shale and tarmac. The Juniors race for the season long Young Gun Championship. 

To compete in the Junior series a competitor must have reached their 11th birthday. He or she is then eligible to race until they reach the age of 16. In virtually every other formula in which Juniors participate they are unable to continue to race their existing race vehicles once they reach the upper age limit. This means transferring to another formula, with all the extra expenditure that such a move incurrs. With Stoxkarts that is not necessary. It is simply a case of applying for a Senior licence and then booking in for the next meeting. It really is as simple and as inexpensive as that. Mind you, if Mum or Dad  still wanted to race, it would mean having to save up for another Kart. Not that that should prove too difficult as Stoxkarts are, and will always be, by far the least expensive recognised formula racing regularly in the UK.

In the current economic climate Stoxkarts are the ideal formula for both Seniors and Juniors alike. What other formula is as cheap to maintain and transport? It will tow comfortably behind even a small family car and, at every meeting at which the kart is raced in both classes, there is a reduced entry fee for the Junior driver.

For further information on this, or any other aspect of the sport, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact page.


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