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Stoxkarts - Short Oval Racing | Meeting Reports
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Meeting Reports

 Buxton 14/15th July


So a weekend with the drift cars up at Buxton Raceway saw the sun shining all weekend.
We decided to experiment by opening up the gaps between the grades on Saturday and I have to say it certainly produced some great racing in both classes.
So Saturday the Juniors kicked it off and it was great to see the whites getting a good few laps in before the Blues and Reds caught them. Heat one saw 90 Joe Sheldon take 3rd with 260 Chester Love 2nd and the Winner was 257 Ben Limb who took advantage of his Blue Grade.
Heat 1 seniors saw a family double for the Limbs as 257 kelvin took the win from the returning 313 Sara Royall and 8 Matthew Lloyd in 3rd.
Heat 2 Juniors again saw the Lower graders having a good run but it was 257 Ben who took the win again with 90 Joe 2nd and 160 Archie Awty 3rd.
Heat 2 Seniors saw 810 Aimee Havercroft pick up 3rd with 295 Danny nunn Second and 471 Alaster Houghton takeing the win.


Feature time for the Juniors saw 2 of this seasons new drivers really stand out. 44 Thomas Brighton picked up 3rd from his new Blue grading and 355 Aiden Grindy take second after a very impressive drive but the winner was 90 Joe Sheldon who took the win. Great driving throughout the field in this one.
Senior feature was probably the best race of the season so far. 810 Aimiee and 35 Wheaty soon got to the front and both had excellent speed. The whole Stoxkarts family were cheering these 2 on as it looked like either of them would get their first ever win! with 3 to go the red top pack of 4 Duddy, 295 Danny and 471 Alaster managed to get past Aimee and with the last lap board shown it looked like Wheaty was going to do it.. Unfortunatly he thought the pack was closer than it was and lifted early expecting the big one, this actually allowed them have a go and 5 karts went into the last bend flat out!. 810 Aimee managed to sneak back to get 3rd, 4 Duddy had to settle for 2nd and it was Alaster 471 who managed to take the win... Wheaty took 7th but was still smilling at the end.

The Juniors then ran an extra heat which saw 44 Thomas again get 3rd with 90 Joe second and a win for 468 Brad Cooper.
The seniors then had theit Grand National with 471 starting half a lap back for double points. Again great racing which saw 313 Sara end a good day for her wih 3rd, 4 Duddy took Runner up with 295 Danny taking the win. 471 managed a 5th from his half lap handicap.

There then followed a very enjoyable night in the bar celebrating Toppy The quad drivers birthday which then saw the night ending with the now traditional 1am Grand National won by 313 Sara.

SUNDAY Buxton 
A few sore heads Sunday morning!
The racing carried on in the same vein as Saturday with the lower graders looking very impressive. 
Again Ben 257 Ben took the first heat with 90 Joe second and 468 Brad 3rd.
Seniors saw 810 Aimee take her first ever win which brought a loud cheer from the crowd. second was 471 and 3rd 295.
Heat 2 juniors again saw 257 take the win with 90 Joe again second and 59 Conner Benstead taking 3rd. 
Heat 2 seniors and it was a case of you wait ages for a bus then 2 come along at once!! this was the case for 810 Aimee who took her second win with 35 Wheaty 2nd and 471 Alaster 3rd.

Feature time for the juniors and again the lower graders impressed but it was certainly 257s day with him taking the win and the ever impressive 44 Thomas taking second with 59 third.
The seniors looked like it was going to be a re run of Saturday with 810 and 35 hitting the front and opening up a big gap.. The Reds and Supers were batteling amongst themselves and only 257 Kelvin ever looked likely to challenge. 
With the last bend looming we all wondered if Wheaty was going to do a do or Die but he kept his calm and gave Aimee a push, but just not enough to shift her so it was *10 Aimee who took her first ever Feature win from 35 Wheaty and 257 Kelvin 3rd.
another extra heat for the Juniors saw a great 3rd for 746 Luke Taylor who came on leaps and bounds over the weekend, second for 816 Brad Lawson and first win of the year for 260 Chester Love.
The senior Grand National saw 295 Danny taking the win with 257 Kelvin second and 471 Alaster 3rd.

We then decided to have a fun race for parents. The people that took part were Yours Truely in the 229 kart, Stevie Houghton in the 471. Skye Evans Dad in the 232, Toppy in the 304, Owen strongs grandad Paul in the 35, Peter Fenton in the 212, Birthday Boy Russell Andrew in the 750, Owen Strong and Brad Lawsons mums were in the 818 and 816 karts but not sure which was which and Andy Carr was in the 902 hire kart. 
This was all just a bit of fun and it was actually a good little race with 750 & 35 batteling at the front before 229 managed to squeeze past, but it was not all over as 229 made a mistake which allowed 750 a shot at the last bend which saw the 229 half spin with 750 taking the win, 35 second and 229 third. 
I think a few of the parents had a new level of respect for their drivers after this as they suddenly realised just how hard they are to drive. The fastest lap was set by me which was 2 seconds a lap slower than the top lads and would have seen me in last place on the senior lap times so once again much respect to anyone who races!

This ended a great weekends racing and was very much what stoxkarts is all about, friends racing having fun and a bit of of socialising thrown in the mix. Massive thank you to the Buxton team for their hospitallity.


Birmingham Saturday 30th June.

A very hot day but the drivers put on a great show once again.
First up were the Juniors and it was a case same as last time for young Jack Atkinson with a trip to the wall on the opening lap! It was 468 Brad Cooper who came through from Superstar to take the win from 59 Connor and 21 Alex. An excellent 4th for 169 Chloe. 
Heeat 1 in the seniors saw some fantastic racing from the reds and supers with 296 Danny taking the win from brother Carl 265 and 257 Kelvin 3rd.
Heat 2 Juniors and again it looked like 468 was the man on a mission but unfortunatly for him he had a mechanical failure. 345 Thomas Andrew was flying but a tangle and spin saw his race ended when he was collected by 44 Thomas. This saw 59 take the advantage and the win from 21 Alex and 90 Joe Sheldon in 3rd.
Seniors ht2 looked like we were going to have a different winner when 295 was involved in a tangle early on which resulted in waved yellows for 2 & 313. On the re start Danny was at the back of the train but somehow still managed to comethrough and take the win , mainly due to the reds all knocking 7 bellsout of eachother. Second was 380 Liam Powell with a great drive and 3rd 265 Carl.
The Junior feature was another exciting race and a great effort by team Andrews to get Thomas back out after an axle change! It was 169 Chloe who hit the front and looked very determined but eventually with 3 to go 59 managed to squeeze past and 468 Brad just managed to pip her to the line to take 2nd with Chloe 3rd. 
The senior feature was one of the best races I have seen in a long time. with battles throughout the pack. 27 Chris Buthcer was onemaking the running before being passed by 257 Kelvin. 229 Joe Higgins then managed to take up the running with 257, 265, 4 and 471 all batteling to get the runners up spot. Eventually it was 229 that took the win with 471 second and 257 third.

Some great racing all day in extreme conditions, well done everyone.


BUXTON. 22-04-2018

A cracking meeting at Buxton for both formulas again yesterday with some excellent racing and again 6 different winners on the day.
The Juniors started proceedings with all the novices deciding to run from the front. 355 Aiden and 269 Jack made a break and had a cracking battle at the front while the battle for third was between 5 others. In the end it was 90 Joe Sheldon who managed to get from the back to take 3rd with 369 Jack in second and in only his second meeting Aiden 
Grindey 355 took the win.

Heat 1 for the seniors was again a 2 horse race. Early leader 810 Aimee Havercroft was eventually caught by 58 Dex Linden and 471 Alaster Houghton. Carl Nunn 265 and 229 Joe Higgins and 304 Nathan Topliff were batteling for the last podium spot and it was 265 Carl who took 3rd with 471 second and 58 Dex taking the win.

Heat 2 for the Juniors again saw 335 Aiden taking the lead but he was caught by a very quick 345 Thomas Andrew. Gold Top Champion 59 was making rapid progress and eventually passed 355 who ended up 3rd with 59 second and 345 Thomas taking his first win in the formula.

Heat 2 in the seniors was a heated affair with bumpers going in hard. 304 was away but a race caution brought the field back together allowing the superstars to close up. The Nunn brothers Danny 295 and Carl 265 battled it out for second and third with 295 Danny eventually coming out on top but out front it was 471 Alaster who took the win.

The Junior Feature had to have a full re-start after a lap 1 pile up. Brad Lawson 816 was the one to show first with a real turn of speed. Eventually 59 Connor managed to Haul him in, further down the field there were several battles going on with 257 Ben Limb and 21 Alex Butcher having to battle hard with several of the new drivers. Eventually it was (0 Joe Sheldon who took third with an impressive 2nd for 816 Brad Lawson and Victory for 59 Connor.

The heavens opened just before the senior feature so it was very tricky conditions. 35 Graham wheat opened up an impressive lead with 810 Aimee and 71 Thomas Gray chasing him down. 229 Joe Higgins made a break from the batteling Reds and Superstars. in the Yellows 304 Nathan and 143 Danny Hansford were having a great battle. 229 Joe managed to get clear of 35 and with 2 to go managed to get up the inside of 71 Thomas Gray in turns 3 & 4. The top 3 podium was 3rd 143 Danny Hansford, 2nd 71 Thomas Gray and the winner 229 Joe Higgins.

6 different winners on the day and all in all a good days racing especially in the Juniors.

Roll on Mildenhall !



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